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I am sure that every student wants to know if his/her work has been done successfully. For instance, you have written a persuasive essay. Are not you interested whether it is effective and really persuasive? How can you find out the real results of your work?

I think that the best way to assess the success of your persuasive essay (论文代写) is the reaction of your peers. It is obvious that all the works trigger different reaction. According to it you can understand whether you have written a good persuasive essay or a kind of claptrap.

Thus, when you are presenting your work in the class, mind the next aspects:

Pay attention to the behavior of your peers. They can be listening attentively to you or listen to music in their headphones. They can be silent trying to understand every word of your work or they can be chatting with each other.

The questions that will be asked after the presentation can also tell you a lot. If there are no or a little questions, it is more likely that nothing significant or new was presented in your essay.

Still, the best indicator of your essay success is the situation in the class after the presentation. You can be just asked a few questions or the heated debates can start after the presentation. The latter situation is the most favorable for you. Even if you hear the critical comments, you can be sure that your work is really effective. It did not leave somebody from your peers indifferent.

So, this is how you can assess the success of your work.

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