Television is undoubtedly one of human kind’s greatest inventions because of its advantages in widening people’s knowledge about everything in the world. On the one hand, TV has a negative effect on communication among friends and family. On the other hand, watching television helps create the good relationship with other people. Personally, I firmly believe that TV has increased communication between people.

In the first place, television offers us a great number of topics to think and talk about. Many people watch different programs to find out more about such things as environment, nature and others. Everybody has their own opinions about these things. When they gather with friends, they may exchange their ideas with one another. Thus, television encourages us to share our opinions about things.

In the second place, television is also used as a way to pursue people’s interests. Variety of programs on TV every day may satisfy their needs of obtaining knowledge about different fields such as economy, sport, cooking. Moreover, if your family and friends watch some of the same programs as you do, they can learn more about things you like and want, helping everyone understand each other better.
Opponents may argue that television makes people isolated from their family. However, such thought seems to have some merits on the surface. Instead of watching TV alone, people may sit around in a living room and enjoy the favorite programs together, which creates warm atmosphere among members of a family. This is a good chance to tighten the family relations.

To summarise, television benefits our life with both enjoyment and knowledge. TV is a tool that provides us with various subjects to discuss with friends and enables us to pursue our hobbies. Therefore, TV is an indispensable part of our modern life.

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