How can I get enough sources for my term paper writing?

Term paper writing is not something many students like; part of the reason is the difficulty in getting information or notable citing sources for the essay. The Bibliography page receives utmost attention because it is from this section that the lecturer knows you truly did your research. So how do you get credible citation for term paper writing that won’t raise eyebrows on your lecturer?

Try and read the content first

Don’t be in a hurry to look for citations, first try and get as much information as you can about the topic. You can do an online search and click on the first pages that come up. You will be surprised that some of the articles written come with cited material at the end or links to the real extract. Voila! There is some credible source for your term paper writing.

Make use of your Librarian

The professor never said you do the citation search on your own; you can involve your librarian to help you get valid sources for your term paper writing. Here is what you librarian can do:

  • Offer some suggestions of books you can get on the subject.
  • Help you order citing material from another Library in case it misses in your school library.
  • Help you utilize the library virtual catalog to get references
  • Add some info relevant to your topic.

Not all the time you will get source for your term paper writing; it could be a topic that only has two books written on it. In such a case it is best to add some relevant information about the topic that will win your citing sources. If the direct topic doesn’t have enough info you can add content that is relevant to the topic and quote the sources of the additional info.

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