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When being assigned to write different types of essay, you have to learn how to sound persuasively, no matter what kind of essay you are working on. If you are interested in getting to know the main secrets of persuading people, this article is just for you. Following the tips given will help you write a brilliant persuasive essay (论文写作).

Provide reasonable explanations to support your position. People tend to trust to evidences only. If you just state information dryly, nobody will ever be persuaded or able to accept your position. The data taken from different newspapers, journals and research papers can serve you as good evidences to support your point of view. You can also use the results of interviews with experts conducted as means of supporting your statement;

Choose the statements that are possible to prove. A thesis statement of your persuasive essay should be clear enough and possible to prove. Hardly have you got super-brains for proving something impossible to prove. Neither you will be able to take two tangos. Why should you beat your head out trying to support a statement that does not make any sense?

Supply your persuasive essay with quotations. Quotations, especially the set-expressions, make rather a persuasive effect on people. Just format a certain set-expression or any quotation according to the rules, and your persuasive essay will certainly sound persuasively enough.

To sound persuasively does not mean that you should obtrude your personal point of view. Just let your reader make a choice. And a reader will certainly choose your position.

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