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In order to make your essay persuasive you need to know about two things: what an essay is, and how it is better to persuade someone.

Let us explain these two things separately. I hope you know that an essay is a written piece of student’s work, which can be prepared in a short period of time.
This kind of work demonstrates student’s abilities to express the thoughts logically and briefly. Also, it is important to present the topic and explain it.

When you deal with the persuasive essay, it is necessary to know the purpose of your writing. In this case your goal is to persuade! You are to persuade your readers that the chosen by your idea is correct and up to the point.

Your persuasive essay is the text of about 300 words, where you try to tell your readers about your own point of view and make them believe that your opinion should be taken into consideration.

Also, in order to make your persuasive essay a high-quality, I advise you remember when you were a child. I mean the time, when you could easily ask your parents to buy you something and they could not deny you.

Find interesting evidence and make your readers accept your truth like it may be done by the professional hypnotizes. Your words should not be “empty ones”. You can not give empty promises. It is not a style of a professional writer. Still, you are good at writing and you can easily find several reasons, which make your readers follow your propositions!

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