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The topic of emancipation seems to be the perfect one for the persuasive essay. Do you have your point of view on the issue? Do you want someone else to hear your position? Then you have to learn writing the persuasive essay. Only persuasive essay will teach you how to convince other people of your standpoint.

So, let us return to the topic of emancipation. If you want to discuss it in your work, first define your position. If I had to write such an essay, my position towards emancipation would be neutral. I am not strongly against it nor am I strongly for it.

Let me give you some explanations. Sure, I do not want to say that I do not like the rights that the modern women have. I am glad that women can vote, can hold the leading positions in various spheres of life, can be just independent and self-sufficient.

On the other hand, I do not get why women want to be stronger than men. Why do women want to prove that they do not need men? It seems to be so unnatural and irrational. I am sure that this is really against all the natural laws. At all times men and women were living together. Only together they can be a real power. If we consider the simplest example of a family with both typical parents, we will see that such a family is firm and really happy.

Thus, I cannot get some strong feminists. Why do you want to break the universal values? It would be better if you do something really useful.

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