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I have been on an historical journey. I must admit that I am obsessive compulsive. Once I decide I’m going to do or learn a thing I tend to obsess on it. About five years ago I decided to research African American History. I was looking up my ancestors and I got hooked on the history. I haven’t found all of my actual ancestors but I have been obsessed with the history ever since. You might ask why? The reason is because the topic is so obscure and much of it is not taught with mainstream history. Those who have presuppositions opposed to the facts fraudulently teach much of what is taught about African American History. I learned how to research from a very wise man who taught that if you really want to know the truth search it out from the beginning and use as many first hand sources as possible. If it is truth you are after you can’t be hurt, you will find what you are looking for. If you can’t find first hand sources find sources closes to the event and find as many as possible.

I have been amazed at what I have found. Dear readers, I must tell you that those who would steal our minds have twisted much of what we are taught as fact. How have they done this? They have made it so that we have turn against ourselves. Think back to the middle of the twentieth century, most women stayed at home and raised their children. They had time to help their children with their homework and would know if the grammar, history, reading or math was being taught correctly. But the women in our society were sold a bill of goods that said you were more independent if you worked outside of the home. You could increase your standard of living if both parents worked outside of the home. Our society bought it hook, line and sinker. What did we do next? We delivered our children to daycares so the “childcare professionals” could teach our children the skill of “socialization.” Socialization really means, learning to go along with the majority no matter what they are doing, to give in to the peer pressure of the group. Once the children have been socialized we send them to government-controlled schools where they are taught what the government wants them to know. Each subject is taught with an end in mind. The end is not to think for yourself but to think what you are told. This being done, a government “of the people, by the people” has become people told how think by the government to increase the governmental control of the people. If you ever wondered why the government is bigger and the citizen smaller, look no farther, they have told us what to think and most of us blindly follow along.

This is not what I set out to study but what has come to my attention based upon my studies. When I was in high school I was not a model student. Even though you could find me constantly in the library my teachers would rarely get a completed homework assignment. I would participate in class and get good grades on tests but most of my time spent in the library was reading what I enjoyed not what was assigned. I was once reprimanded in math class because I asked a question about oneness. There I was in the principal’s office because I wanted to learn more (at my private school) than what I was told. You see, private schools have given in. They are taking government money and they have to teach the government subject matter. Questions of thought have been outlawed.
What are we to do? Our family has chosen to home school. We sacrifice having all we want now to educate our children to be thinkers of original thoughts tomorrow. I know that this does not work for everyone. In this case I think you should make sure you know what your children are being taught. Engage your children in topics deeper than the latest TV episode. In fact turn off the television and read books aloud at the dinner table. If you are not sitting down to dinner as a family, start. My teenage children love it when I read aloud at dinner. What do I read? Whatever I think they should hear. Parents should make the choice and it should be quality literature and biographies. We have just finished reading a biography about Clara Barton. If you are not sure who she was, look her up. Give yourself and your children a gift this year, the gift of knowledge and help them regain the mind that has been manipulated. Instruct them to be able to analyze a topic from both points of view. We have our children in debate class. They go to tournaments where they must debate both sides of an issue. At these tournaments each student must debate at least six rounds, three affirmative and three negative. If you can’t have them in a debate course, create one at home. Have them debate the opposite of whatever opinion you have, then reverse it. We have done this with our children since the age of five. They love it. It’s like permission to talk back.
I’m glad we chose to home school and avoid the governmental mind control. We have less but our children have more.

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