There was a time that I was wrongfully accused of something that I didn’t do. Although I was innocent, I was thought to be guilty. This is not the best feeling of my life. I wish if I couldn’t change it, but I can’t.

I was in my garage minding my own business. I had gotten up early, and I was fixing my truck. I did small projects all morning that my wife asked me to do. My garage door had been open since the early morning. I did my chores, ate my lunch, and went back into the garage to finish fixing my truck.

I was under the hood when my neighbor Tom popped his head in my garage. He looked upset. I asked him what was wrong. He said that he had an expensive tool box in his garage with expensive tools. These tools were a gift from his father. He said that his garage was open all morning and that someone had gone in there and taken it. I was shocked that we might have a thief in our neighborhood. He said that since I was here all morning maybe I had I seen something. I said, “No that I had not, but that I would help him look and talk to other neighbors to see if anyone had seen anything.”

As we went to walk out of my garage together, Tom gasped. I looked at him and wanted to know what was wrong. He was speechless and pointed under my bench. There was his tool box. I was shocked. He was shocked. We gave each other a look. It was not a good one. I said, “Tom I don’t know how that got there.” He turned red and said that I was lying. I said, “No Tom, I am telling the truth.” He threatened to call the police. I told him that he had known me for years and did he really think I am a thief. He said, “You expect me to believe that someone took my toolbox and risked hiding in in your garage.” I said that he should trust my honor. He said that he wouldn’t call the police, but that our friendship was over. He said that if I wanted it, I could have asked to borrow it. He left in a rage and our friendship was over.

I don’t know how or why that toolbox was in my garage. Someone put it there to hide it, and I will never know the truth. The sad thing is that I will have a bad reputation in the neighborhood. Also, I lost a good friend. Why isn’t my word good enough to be trusted? Since when do friends condemn one another without thinking about facts? If I was going to steal it, would I put it where the world can see it? No, I would hide it. The feeling of being wrongfully accused of a crime was one of the worst feelings of my life. I am honest and true to who I am, and I don’t like to feel that others think badly about me. What a sad day!!

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