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If you have a chance to check your abilities to persuade people, writing a persuasive essay (论文辅导) is just for you. You may choose any degree of complexity to check whether you are able to persuade people in anything or not and write your persuasive essay on it. So, what topics could be interesting to consider in your persuasive essay?

Persuade your reader that unidentified flying object exists. Do you not believe in it yourself? There are a huge number of different scientific sources saying that UFO was observed by usual people and, moreover, some of them contacted their representatives. Present day science can prove everything, including this. So, if you doubts about reliability of the sources, try to understand the principle according to which UFO is proved to exist, and make sure by yourself;

Persuade your reader in immorality of present day show-business. Present day pop-stars acted in clips fully-naked. Do you consider that modern show-business has rights to exist? Do you consider such clips can be shown to small children? If no, provide enough reasonable explanations. Be confident and do not be afraid to express your personal point of view on the problem you are considering;

Persuade your reader that Egyptians are the followers of Atlantes. Even Plutarch in his works mentioned about magic charms that Egyptians inherited from Atlantes. Besides, there were some similarities in appearances of both Egyptians and Atlantes that argues that Egyptians are the followers of the most ancient civilization – Atlantic civilization.

So, I guess these tips can really raise your reader’s interest. In order to check whether you managed to persuade your reader in your assumptions, read your persuasive essay to anyone. If he/she is convinced, your purpose is achieved.

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